Press Release

Sunday, December 9, 2018

By Alexandria Bordas - Press Democrat

California could offer free community college to first-time students, regardless of income.

An assembly bill co-sponsored by three Bay Area Democrats and one from Los Angeles would waive the second year of tuition at community colleges around the state, including Santa Rosa Junior College. It would expand a “college promise” program that waives tuition for the first year, which lawmakers approved last year to make college more affordable and boost enrollment and completion.

Los Angeles Assemblyman Miguel Santiago at a news conference last week called AB 2 a “passion project.” He co-sponsored the bill, along with David Chiu of San Francisco, Kevin McCarty of Sacramento and Rob Bonta of Oakland.

Santiago said he would have never been able to attend UCLA and follow his dreams of becoming a politician without community college.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

By Zach Li - The Epoch Times

Students attending California community colleges could receive two years free education under a new bill that was introduced on Dec. 3. It comes about one year after the state legislature decided to waive the first year tuition at community colleges.

The author and other advocates of the bill, AB 2, gathered on Tuesday at Los Angeles Trade Technical College to promote the idea of the 2-year tuition-free college education, which would enable many students to complete an Associates Degree in California.

“In the fight against income inequality, a free education is the greatest instrument we have,” said Assemblymember Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles), one of the bill’s authors.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

By Monica Levitan - Diverse Education

California Assembly Member Miguel Santiago, who represents the 53rd District in Los Angeles, introduced legislation this week that would provide students with two free years of community college.

Miguel Santiago at the press conference on Tuesday.

The legislation, called AB 2, would waive tuition for two years for first-time community college students enrolled full-time, according to ABC7.

“Every student that comes through a community college should at least have the opportunity to earn their associate’s degree. It takes two years…but their travel through LACCD or any other community college ought to lead somewhere and it ought to be a public school,” Santiago said.

An education shouldn’t cost people financial hardships or their life savings, he said at the press conference.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

By Raymond Mesa - NBC7 San Diego

California lawmakers announced a proposal on Tuesday to make community colleges completely free.

It was just last year that California lawmakers passed the law that allowed the first year of study at community colleges to be free for new and full-time students. Now they seek to do the same with the second year.

The AB2 proposal was introduced by legislators in Sacramento this morning.

“We started two years of free community college because we know that’s the promise we want to give to our students,” said Democratic lawmaker Miguel Santiago, co-author of the proposal.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

By ABC10 Sacramento

California lawmakers are pushing to make tuition free for Community College students looking to earn an associate's degree.

Introduced on the first day of the new legislative session, Assembly Bill 2 would replace and expand its predecessor, AB19, which went into effect this year.

It offered free tuition for first-year, full-time students at any of the state's 115 community colleges.

"Too many California college students find themselves burdened with crippling college debt," said Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), "making it difficult for them to buy a home, raise a family and contribute to our economy. Free community college would good for our students and well as for our economy.”

Lawmakers say the bill would make "an Associate's Degree in California effectively become free."

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Two years of free tuition could be in the future for first-time community college students under a proposed law in California.

State and local leaders, including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, gathered at Los Angeles Trade Technical College Tuesday to throw their support behind the legislation.

California already has programs that waive one year of community college fees for first-time, full-time students. But supporters of Assembly Bill 2 say the two years of community college will allow students in need to receive an associate degree.

Officials called it a push for debt-free education, adding a good education should not cost a family’s life savings.

The program is estimated to cost about $46 million per year.

Assembly Member Miguel Santiago, who represents District 53 in L.A., introduced the bill.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Several California lawmakers want to make two years of Community College free for qualifying students.

Assemblymembers Miguel Santiago (D-53rd District), Rob Bonta (D-18th District), Kevin McCarty (D-7th District) and David Chiu (D-7th District) introduced Assembly Bill 2 on Monday.

If passed, it would expand the California College Promise to cover 2 academic years for certain students. Currently, the program waives some or all fees for certain students enrolled in at least 12 credits a semester, and who have filled out either the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or the California Dream Act application.

AB 2 states: