California lawmakers will request $10 million in state funds to help Salvadorans facing deportation in wake of Trump action

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

By Jazmine Ulloa - LA Times

Two California lawmakers are asking that an additional $10 million go into a state legal defense fund for immigrants facing deportation, after the Trump administration on Monday called for an end to temporary protections for more than 250,000 Salvadorans in the U.S.

Assembly members Miguel Santiago and Wendy Carrillo, both Democrats from Los Angeles, say they plan to make the request through legislation this week, as Gov. Jerry Brown prepares to unveil this year’s state budget on Wednesday.

The funds would go to aid Salvadorans covered by “temporary protected status,” and who have until Sept. 9, 2019, to apply for alternative legal means of staying in the country or face removal.

“This is one more blow to the area I represent, and I think enough is enough,” Santiago said Monday. “We can’t just sit here and let lives be destroyed.”