Elon Musk sold 10,000 Boring Co. flamethrowers in 2 days. He knows what his fans like

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

By Samantha Masunaga - LA Times

Elon Musk knows his audience. He just sold tens of thousands of hats emblazoned with the name of his Boring Co. tunnel business, then followed up by slapping his brand on something far less practical: flamethrowers.

The Los Angeles entrepreneur — who also leads SpaceX and Tesla Inc. and has a flair for showmanship — said Monday that his tunneling firm had pre-sold 10,000 Boring Co.-branded flamethrowers since Saturday, pulling in $5 million.

Musk's fans flocked to his side project even as one of his main ventures flounders. Tesla received many pre-orders for its new Model 3 electric sedans, but it has yet to ramp up output of the cars as promised. Musk has said Tesla is in "production hell."

His brand has stayed strong. Musk's devoted fans snapped up 50,000 Boring Co. hats at $20 each and the flamethrowers — which Musk promised to start shipping this spring — for $500 apiece. Musk also said Monday that he'd sold about 3,000 admittedly overpriced fire extinguishers ($30 each).