The Boring Co. is holding a Not-a-Flamethrower pickup party on June 9

Monday, May 28, 2018

By Simon Alvarez - TESLARATI

In an update on Saturday, Elon Musk announced that The Boring Company would be holding a Not-a-Flamethrower pickup party in Los Angeles on June 9.

During The Boring Company’s information session earlier this month, Elon Musk, together with SpaceX engineer Steve Davis, stated that the delivery and shipment of the Not-a-Flamethrowers were delayed since shipping items with propane proved to be complicated. Thus, according to Musk, the Boring Co. has come up with a solution to its shipping problems — the company will custom-deliver the Not-a-Flamethrowers to the homes of reservation holders...


The device, however, did not come without its detractors. California assemblyman Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles), for one, expressed his opposition to the device, citing its safety concerns. Customs agencies also stated that they would not ship anything that is branded as a flamethrower. In response to this, Musk opted to rebrand the fiery device, calling it a Not-a-Flamethrower.