RECAP: AB 32 Will Shut Down The Private Prison Industry In California

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

All ICE Detention Centers will also be closed if passed

While the rest of the country is seeing exponential growth in the for-profit prison industry, it’s a signature away from extinction in California.

What is it?

Assembly Bill 32. Under the bill, all contracts with private or for-profit prisons in California would end, effectively making California responsible for incarcerating all it’s prisoners in state-run prisons. A lone exception was added, allowing a contract renewal only if there is a court-ordered population cap, and only until 2028.

All four ICE detention centers in California would also close, and be phased out in the state by 2028, as they are privately run. In June, Assemblyman Rob Bonta added significant amendments to AB 32, to expand the scope of the bill to include the ICE detention facilities.