Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bill Providing Free First Year of Community College to New Students Statewide

Monday, October 16, 2017

Stephanie Rivera - Long Beach Post

Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law the California College Promise last Friday, an initiative that, if funded in the next state budget, would provide one year of free community college for new students.

Assembly Bill 19 was authored by Assemblymembers Miguel Santiago of Los Angeles, David Chiu of San Francisco and Kevin McCarty of Sacramento. The legislation passed both the Assembly and the Senate last month with bipartisan support.

“In 2025, California will face an estimated shortage of one million college-educated workers needed to sustain the state’s workforce,” said Assembly Member Santiago in a statement. “This bill isn’t about voting and polling numbers. When you talk to most reasonable people, whether it be a CEO or leader of any firm, some sort of program leader, they want a more skilled workforce. It just makes economic sense.”