Family Unity Bill Advances to Governor’s Desk

For immediate release:

 (Sacramento, CA)Assembly Member Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles) released the following statement upon the Assembly’s approval of AB 990, which would help keep families united during incarceration by reinstating the right to visitation for incarcerated persons. AB 990 will help parents, children, and loved ones visit and build family bonds despite incarceration:

“I cannot overstate the emotional impact of physical contact between parents and their children. It is inhumane California deprives incarcerated persons of the right to visit and hug their families,” said Assembly Member Miguel Santiago. “It is crucial that we reinstate the right to personal visits to allow incarcerated persons to build and maintain bonds with their families. AB 990 will help incarcerated people re-enter society, get back on their feet, and thrive with their support system of loved ones.”

AB 990 will reinstate the right to visitation for incarcerated persons, a right that was in place until the “tough on crime” era of the 1990s. Research shows that regular visits between family members and incarcerated people improve the mental health of the whole family, promote healthy child development, and help incarcerated people endure the stress of prison so they thrive after release. AB 990 must be acted on by Governor Newsom by October 10th. 

Assemblymember Miguel Santiago is the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Communications and Conveyance Committee and the Assembly Select Committee on Los Angeles County Homelessness. He also sits on the Assembly Committee on Health, Public Safety, Higher Education and Utilities and Energy. He represents the 53rd District composed of the cities of Los Angeles, Huntington Park, and Vernon.