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Press Releases

Rodriguez Bill Would Protect Former Residents Of Lanterman Developmental Center

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez has authored Assembly Bill (AB) 2359 to protect Lanterman Developmental Center patients as they transition out of the center and into the community.

“It is important that we do everything we can to ensure a seamless transition for the residents of Lanterman Center,” said Rodriguez. “As in any transition, the process involves risk.  These are patients with very specific health needs, which demand a high level of care.  Guaranteeing that this level of care is maintained is essential for their success and well-being.”

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez Congratulates Local Business on Funding Award

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez congratulates Action Embroidery Corp. of Ontario on being approved for a $29,640 job-training program funded by the Employment Training Panel. The training funded by this program will update the skills of 30 employees of Action Embroidery Corp. and help the business address out-of-state competition.

Rodriguez Authors Legislation to Increase Health Care Jobs

An aging population and the implementation of federal health care reform are contributing to the increased demand for the services of health care workers. Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez has introduced Assembly Bill (AB) 1797, which would require the Division of Apprenticeship Standards, at the Department of Industrial Relations, to lead and coordinate a stakeholders group to identify opportunities for apprenticeships in the health care field.

Rodriguez To Hold Hearing In Response To LAX Shooting

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez announced today that his Select Committee on Local Emergency Preparedness will hold a hearing in response to the shooting that occurred at Los Angeles International Airport in November of last year. The hearing will examine state and local law enforcement protocols pertaining to active shooter incidents. 

Rodriguez Introduces Bill To Expand Training And Job Opportunites For Youth

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez has introduced AB 1569, the Youth Apprenticeship Tax Credit Program, which would provide tax credits to employers that offer apprenticeships for youth between the ages of 16 and 25.  Employers participating in the program would qualify for a tax credit of $2,000 for each registered apprentice.

According to the report, “Halve the Gap by 2030: Youth Disconnection in America’s Cities,” released last fall by Measure of America, one in every seven Americans between the ages of 16 and 24, or about 5.8 million young people in the country, are neither working nor in school.  In the Inland Empire, the number is nearly one in every five, or 117,000 of the roughly 620,000 teens and young adults. This is the highest rate of youth disconnection among the countries most populous 25 metro areas. 

Rodriguez Introduces Bill To Honor Fallen Firefighters And Peace Officers

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez introduced AB 1561- California Firefighters’ and Peace Officers’ Memorial Fund, a bill which will extend the sunset date of the voluntary California Firefighters Memorial Fund and California Peace Officers’ Memorial Fund state personal income tax check-offs.

“It is important that we continue to invest in a lasting tribute to the firefighters and police officers who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our communities,” said Rodriguez. “Allowing these memorial fund check-off boxes to remain on income tax forms reassures the families of our fallen heroes that their loved ones are not forgotten.”

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez Congratulates Pomona Based Apprenticeship Program On Funding Award

SACRAMENTO- Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez congratulates Pomona-based Southern California Roofers and Waterproofers Joint Apprenticeship and Training Fund on being approved for a $537,000 job-training program funded by the Employment Training Panel (ETP).  According to the ETP, the job-training program will update the skills of 600 employees and enable the company to remain competitive in the face of out-of-state competition.

“I am pleased to see state funds being invested in local programs.  Investing in training programs is vital to ensuring companies have the resources they need to be competitive in today’s business climate and to create good-paying local jobs,” said Assemblymember Rodriguez.

Assemblymember Rodriguez Introduces Bill to Honor Emergency Medical Services Workers

SACRAMENTO- Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez introduced Assembly Concurrent Resolution 84 to proclaim the week of May 18th through May 24th as Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week in California and honor the EMS personnel who dedicate their lives to providing life-saving medical care to others in their time of need.

Emergency Medical Services Week in California will coincide with the 40th Anniversary of National Emergency Medical Services Week. President Gerald Ford signed the first National EMS Week proclamation in 1974 to draw attention to the sacrifice, dedication and commitment of Emergency Medical Personnel.

Assemblymember Rodriguez Marks 20th Anniversary of Northridge Earthquake

SACRAMENTO – As we approach the 20th anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake this Friday, January 17th, Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez, Vice Chair of the Joint Legislative Committee on Emergency Management and Chair of the Select Committee on Local Emergency Preparedness, is urging Californians to take this day as an opportunity to both reflect and prepare.  The magnitude 6.7 tremor killed 50 people, injured over 5,000, and caused more than $20 billion in property damage.

“I’m sure that most Southern Californians can recall just where they were and what they were doing when this massive earthquake struck” said Rodriguez.  “I vividly remember watching the devastation on the news and comforting my wife and young children and trying to ease their fears.