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Legislation 2014

AB 1561 California Firefighters’ and Peace Officers’ Memorial Fund -- Honors California’s fallen peace officers and firefighters by allowing the  California Firefighters’ and California Peace Officers’ Memorial Funds to continue receiving funding from voluntary personal income tax returns.

AB 1569 Youth Apprenticeship Tax Credit Program -- Encourages job creation by allowing an employer to claim a tax credit of up to $2,000 for each registered apprentice between the ages of 16 and 25.

AB 1598 Active Shooter: Local Emergency Response Teams -- Encourages local fire, law enforcement, and emergency medical services agencies to coordinate and establish standard operating procedures to provide prompt medical care to victims.

AB 1620 California Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness Commission—Establishes a commission to research and review existing emergency plans and propose new plans to ensure the coordination between all levels of government on emergency planning, communication protocols, disaster response, and crisis management in California.

AB 1727 Prescription Drug Repository and Distribution Program -- Protects the public by prohibiting the donation of medications that are strictly regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration due to severe side effects to surplus drug collection programs. 

AB 1797 Health Care Professions Pathways -- Creates pathways to the healthcare field by requiring the California Workforce Investment Board to identify opportunities to expand healthcare job training programs.

AB 2044 Assisted Living Facilities: Accountability and Training -- Protects elderly residents of assisted living facilities and improves their quality of life by requiring that facilities are inspected by the Department of Social Services annually,  instead of every five years, and improving staffing responsibilities and training requirements to meet the residents’ needs.

AB 2298 Local Agency Deposit Reports -- Provides an environmentally sound reporting alternative to financial institutions by allowing them the option to submit required weekly reports by fax or email instead of being required to use standard mail.

AB 2406 Protects the safety of emergency responders by making it a crime for a person to throw human waste, blood or bodily fluids upon a law enforcement officer, a firefighter or an emergency medical technician and allows for the defendant to be tested for diseases capable of being transmitted through contact with bodily fluids.

AB 2530 Vote-by-Mail: Electronic Signature Verification -- Strengthens voter protections by requiring county elections officials to visually review signatures on vote–by-mail and provisional ballots in cases where computer software determines the signature does not match the voter’s registration signature.

AB 2574 Metro Gold Line Extension--Allows the Metro Gold Line to be extended from Montclair to Ontario International Airport.

AB 2677 Oil Spill Prevention Trust Fund -- Prohibits the use of moneys in the Oil Spill Prevention Trust Fund for any purposes other than oil spill response activities including prevention, removal, response, containment, and cleanup efforts.

ACR 84 Emergency Medical Services Week -- Proclaims May 18th through May 24th as Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week in California and honors  Emergency Medical Services personnel throughout the state.

ACR 94 Active Shooter: Local Emergency Response Teams -- Recognizes that active shooter incidents are increasing and encourages local fire, law enforcement, and emergency medical services agencies to collaborate and develop standard operating procedures to better respond to active shooter incidents in California.

ACR 104 Cinco de Mayo Week -- Proclaims May 1 through May 7, 2014, as Cinco de Mayo Week, and urges all Californians to join in celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

AJR 48 Honors the commitment and ultimate sacrifice of emergency medical service providers and encourages the President and Congress to establish the National Emergency Medical Services Memorial in Washington, D.C.