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Legislation 2015

AB 22 - Oil-by-Rail Spills: Firefighters Training Programs Reimbursement—The bill would make it easier for local fire departments to send their firefighters to first-responder trainings related to oil-by-rail accidents by establishing a reimbursement program to pay for the cost of the training.

AB 58 - School Safety Plans: Active Shooter Training—The bill would add a requirement that active shooter training be included in School Safety Plans to keep students and school personnel safe when individuals with guns show up on school campuses.

AB 69 - Body-Worn Cameras for Peace Officers—The bill would establish best practices for the collection and storage of video footage from police body cameras.

AB 71 - Statewide Report for Officer-Involved Shootings—The bill would create a statewide database of statistics on all officer-involved shootings that result in the injury or death of an individual or a peace officer.  Currently, there is not a national or statewide database on how police officers use force, and how it is used against them.

AB 102 - Railroad Accident Prevention and Immediate Deployment Force (RAPID) Program—The bill would re-establish the RAPID Program to enable first responders to quickly and effectively respond to hazardous materials spills.

AB 151 - Apprenticeship Tax Credit Program – The bill would allow an employer to claim a tax credit of up to $2,000 for each registered apprentice incentivizing employers to expand or create apprenticeship programs and creating high wage jobs.

AB 162 - Wrong-Way Drivers Crash Data Evaluation—The bill requires the California Department of Transportation (DOT) to identify and evaluate new and alternative ways to reduce the number of deadly wrong-way accidents that occur on California’s freeways.

AB 172 - Preventing Workplace Violence in the Emergency Room (ER)—The bill would increase protections for all health care workers by increasing the penalties for assaulting an emergency medical provider inside of an emergency room equal to an assault that occurs outside of the hospital, clinic, or health care facility.

AB 319 - CPR Instruction in High Schools—The bill would require CPR training as a standard part of high school curriculum and would empower these students with lifesaving skills better preparing them for an emergency at home or work.

AB 503 - Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Quality Improvement Data Sharing- The bill would improve the quality of data shared between hospitals and emergency medical providers, such as ambulance companies, to evaluate and improve the quality of medical care.

AB 510 - Updating 9-1-1 Location Standards- The bill would make it easier for 9-1-1 centers to determine the location of a person who calls 9-1-1 from a cell phone and get them aid as quickly as possible.

AB 1104 - Search Warrant Authorization for Specified Crimes- The bill would allow law enforcement to seek and obtain search warrants for specified offenses that have been classified as misdemeanors by Proposition 47.

AB 1163 - Health Plans and Insurers: Notice of Contract Changes- The bill would require that Health Plans and Insurers provide written notice to independent insurance agents before any changes are made to contract terms and conditions.

AB 1455 - Ontario International Airport: Authority to Issue Bonds- The bill would allow the City of Ontario to issue bonds to transfer control of Ontario International Airport back to the City of Ontario.

ACR 7 - National Night Out—The resolution declares Tuesday, August 4, 2015 as National Night Out in California and urges the people of California to participate in community events that promote neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships in the fight for safer streets.

ACR 10 - Emergency Medical Services Week 2015—The resolution would proclaims May 17th through May 23rd as Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week in California and honors Emergency Medical Services personnel throughout the state.