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Legislation 2016

AB 1563 Victim's Compensation Fund - would help victims of violent crimes receive services faster by requiring the Victim's Compensation Board to respond to applications for compensation within six months. Currently there is no deadline to respond to applications.

AB 1578 Mobile Field Hospitals - would improve the safety of all Californians by restoring funding to California's mobile field hospitals so they are ready and available on a moment's notice to provide emergency medical care in case of a disaster.

AB 1581 Consumer Fraud Protection - protects consumer's rights and encourages consumers to protect themselves from identity theft by making it free of charge to place a security freeze on your credit account.

AB 1659 Improving School Safety Zones - would protect children who walk and bicycle to school by expanding school safety zones and lowering speed limits up to one mile away from a school.

AB 1680 Drones Interfering with Emergency Responders - would strengthen public safety and protect emergency responders by making it a crime to use a drone to interfere with the duties of police, firefighters or emergency medical technicians.

AB 1688 Protecting Children in Foster Care - would ensure that our most vulnerable children in the foster care system have a voice in their placement by requiring that the child or their attorney be notified if changes are being considered.

AB 1705 Safer Booking Searches - would give law enforcement the option to use electronic scanning machines to screen inmates for contraband or weapons after being taken into custody at a county jail, making search procedures safer and more efficient.

AB 1719 CPR Instruction in High School - would require CPR training as a standard part of high school curriculum and would empower students with lifesaving skills better preparing them for an emergency at home or work.

AB 1741 California's College Promise - would make college more accessible to millions of Californians by creating the California Promise Innovation Awards to provide $25 million in funds to Community Colleges to establish regional College Promise programs that support successful transitions from high school to higher education.