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Assemblymember Rodriguez’s STOP THE BLEED Legislation Advances to the Senate on National STOP THE BLEED Day

For immediate release:

(Sacramento, CA) – Today, Assembly Bill (AB) 70, authored by Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez (D – Pomona), passed the Assembly Floor with unanimous support. This legislation would require specified public and private structures that undergo modification or renovation costs over $100,000 to install and maintain six trauma kits on the building’s premises to treat individuals needing emergency medical care. As this legislation relates to the STOP THE BLEED Campaign, it is remarkable that it advanced to the State Senate on National ‘STOP THE BLEED’ Day during EMS Week.  

“I am proud AB 70 has advanced to the State Senate, and on National ‘STOP THE BLEED’ Day nonetheless. As a career EMT, I know how vital the first few minutes of severe blood loss are to a victim’s survival. AB 70 will expand the accessibility of trauma kits, preparing bystanders to serve as immediate responders and help ‘STOP THE BLEED’ while EMS personnel are en route,” stated Assemblymember Rodriguez. 

AB 70 is an expansion of last year’s AB 2260 (Rodriguez, Chapter 556, Statutes of 2022), which now requires newly constructed specified public and private buildings to install and maintain six trauma kits on the building’s premises to treat individuals needing emergency medical care. This year’s AB 70 will ensure we have the necessary tools to ‘STOP THE BLEED’ in as many buildings as possible statewide.  

Following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a group of doctors convened a panel of national experts to create an improved response system to control severe blood loss and published their findings in the Hartford Consensus. One of the recommendations was for trauma kits to be strategically placed next to AEDs in public places such as shopping malls, schools, sports venues, etc. 

Assemblymember Rodriguez is also authoring AB 71 this year, which would require the Instructional Quality Commission to consider including content regarding bleeding control the next time the Health Education Curriculum Framework is updated. His various pieces of legislation relating to ‘STOP THE BLEED’ will help California meet the recommendations of the Hartford Consensus. 

“Increasing the number of buildings equipped with trauma kits will better prepare Californians to help stop life-threatening blood loss whenever and wherever tragedy strikes. My legislation last year was a great start, and I am proud to continue working to expand the placement of ‘STOP THE BLEED’ trauma kits in buildings all across California,” added Assemblymember Rodriguez. 

Assemblymember Rodriguez (Twitter) represents the 53rd Assembly District which includes the cities of Chino, Montclair, Ontario, Pomona, and Upland. He is Chair of the Assembly Committee on Emergency Management.