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Relinquishment of Portions of State Route 83 to the City of Chino Clears the State Legislature with Unanimous Support

For immediate release:

(Sacramento, CA) – Assembly Bill (AB) 250, authored by Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez (D – Pomona), has unanimously passed both houses of the State Legislature and is headed to Governor Newsom for his signature. This legislation would allow the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) to relinquish to the City of Chino those portions of State Route (SR) 83 within city limits.

“I am proud to see AB 250 move to the Governor’s desk, one step closer to allowing the City of Chino to control the portion of the roadway within their jurisdiction. The City gaining control of this roadway is essential to their ability to keep up on needed repairs, maintaining the safety of residents utilizing the roadway,” stated Assemblymember Rodriguez.

Under current law, the California Transportation Commission (CTC) is authorized to relinquish a state route, or portion thereof, to a local jurisdiction at the jurisdiction’s request. Measures allowing CTC to relinquish segments of state highways are common in each Legislative session. Portions of SR 83 have already been relinquished to neighboring cities, such as Ontario and Upland. In 2021, Assemblymember Rodriguez authored the legislation relinquishing SR 83 to the City of Ontario (AB 744, Rodriguez, Chapter 198, Statutes of 2021).

Due to the current status of SR 83, the City must request permission from CalTrans for any type of encroachment, including planned improvements, maintenance, and operational needs. The City of Chino would like to make several improvements to SR 83, and gaining control of the roadway would expedite the completion of these projects.

“AB 250 is essential legislation for the City of Chino. This bill will facilitate and expedite much-needed projects along this arterial by allowing the portions of Euclid Avenue in Chino to be transferred to the City. These improvements will benefit the regional economy by correcting inefficiencies and will enhance safety along Euclid, particularly along the sections prone to flooding,” said Mayor Eunice Ulloa. “We are grateful to Assembly Member Rodriguez for authoring this bill and the State Legislature’s unanimous support.”

Assemblymember Rodriguez (Linktree) represents the 53rd Assembly District which includes the cities of Chino, Montclair, Ontario, Pomona, and Upland. He is Chair of the Assembly Committee on Emergency Management.